Your relationship with your Central Station must be built on trust and communication. Alarm Central works hard to keep our dealers informed about what is going on with their accounts. With our excellent record keeping you can trust that we can document all events.

Alarm Central provides complete computerized history records for seven years and voice recordings for 30 days. Voice recordings may be emailed to you when a call is in question.

Activity reports are faxed each weekday morning or mailed weekly. They may also be sent out by e-mail every morning and can also be sent to your Blackberry or PDA. Activity reports cover all activity on all of your accounts, keeping you in touch with your customers.

Alarm Central resources are used exclusively for monitoring your alarms. We are not distracted by other services, such as installing or servicing your alarms. We are NOT your competitor. If you don’t prosper we don’t prosper.

Alarm Central is there to watch over your subscribers 24 hours a day, allowing you to concentrate on more important things.

Alarm Central is listed with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. #S5102 for central station protective signaling, allowing us to monitor commercial U.L. Fire Accounts.

Alarm Central is fully insured, including errors and omissions insurance.





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